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JLS Interactive, LLC is a multimedia company that develops medical internet products.
JLS Interactive, LLC has created two web sites for medical education.
E-Echocardiography is a TEE web site for institutions and individuals who want an great resource for echocardiography. You can download videos and images, review over 800 pages, 100,000 words, 6000 videos and more. We currently have over 5000 users, and 50 institutions who use E-Echocardiography. Especially popular are the Echo-of-the-Day and the Case-of-the-Week as well has getting your CMEs for licensure. The CME is AMA Category 1 and applies to licensure that required echocardiography cme. E-Echocardiography will even automatically send you CMEs to the ABA for MOCA if you are an anesthesiologist (Be sure to put in your ABA number). For cardiac sonographers there are about 40 CMEs that is ASRT certified. Signup is easy and in 5 minutes you can be learning and improving your echocardiography skills!

is and online method to review information and take exams theat are required for sedation privileges at hospitals. The hospital signs (pays) you up and you (the physican, nurse, etc) reviews the information and takes the exam(s). The results are automatically transmitted to the hospital and you are done! It's EZ!
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