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Rank Name Initials Points
1 Cody CAC 26
2 Zach M ZM 20
3 Jen A JA 19
4 Stephanie F SF 19
5 Caroline So 19
6 Tony H TH 18
7 Ryan S rcs 18
8 Kristin M KM 17
9 Heather G HG 17
10 Stephanie F SF 17
11 robin s RS 17
12 robin s RS 16
13 Tony H TH 16
14 Ron RR 16
15 Ron R RR 15
16 Terry B BT 14
17 Heather G HG 13
18 Jen A JA 11
19 Terry B BT 11
20 Sara F SMF 11
21 Heather M HM 8
1st Place Prize: $21 and bragging rights!
Results: Cody Wins! Zach and Jen were close!

May 19th - Jon kills Daenerys. Daenerys is not pregnant. Bran Stark becomes king (assume he sits on the iron throne).

May 12th - Lord Varys was burned to death when sentenced by Daenerys Targaryen for betrying her. Euron Greyjoy was killed by Jaime Lannister. Qyburn died when the walls fell on him. The Hound and the Mountain (Sir Gregor) died when they fell into a pit of fire during a fight. Cersei and Jaime Lannister died when the ceiling of the keep crashed down on them.

May 5th - Missandei died when decapitated by the Mountain (Sir Gregor).

April 28th - Theon died protecting Bran. Arya killed the night king. Melisandre died after the battle. Jorah died protecting Daenerys. Bedric died protecting Arya and it is assumed he became a White Walker. Dolorous Edd died in battle and became a White Walker. Ghost died and was a White Walker. All White Walkers died.

April 21 - Signup is still open until Sunday Night April 28th. Nobody died (on this list) in the first two episodes.